Silica Gel is made from amorphous silicate. It is a hard, translucent material with an extremely high capacity for moisture at temperatures below 75° and at humidity levels above 40%.. Solupak Silica Gel is designed to control moisture levels within packaged products.

When controlling moisture, silica gel is like a tiny sponge with millions of microscopic pores. Under very low humidity conditions, a small amount of water vapor will be adsorbed in the smallest pores. As humidity increases, the larger pores will begin to fill. For example, at 20% RH and 75°F, It can adsorb 12% of its weight in water.

At 80% RH and 75°F, it can adsorb 35% of its weight in water. Unlike a sponge, however, Solupak Silica Gel remains dry even at maximum capacity. In addition to adsorbing more at higher humidity levels, Solupak will also adsorb more as the time period increases. For example, at 70% RH and 75°F, It can adsorb 15% of its weight in water within two hours and reach adsorption capacity within eight hours.

Clay desiccants are chemically inert, non-corrosive, calcium (bentonite) aluminosilicate clay.  The internal structure of this calcium-rich montmorillonite is a layer structure which attracts and adsorbs moisture onto its surface and between its layers.  At full moisture vapor capacity, Solupak clay desiccants remains dry and free-flowing.  There is no apparent change in size, shape or texture of the desiccant.  At 70% RH and 75°F, It adsorbs over 20% of its weight in water in approximately six hours.



Solupak molecular sieves originating from zeolite compounds are synthetically produced crystalline metal aluminosilicates used for adsorption. They are unique to other adsorbents because:

  • They adsorb molecules on the basis of polarity differences due to   electrostatic attraction.
• They have a uniform pore structure which enables them to separate   molecules by size.

Water molecules, for example, are adsorbed strongly by Sorbpak molecular seive because they possess a higher degree of polarity and have the proper molecular size for entrance into the sieves' pores.

Its structure provides a higher capacity for water adsorption than either silica gel or clay at low humidity levels. I  also retains a higher percent of moisture capacity than either silica gel or clay as temperature levels increase.


Blue Indicating Gel changes from blue to pink as moisture is adsorbed in the package.
Blue indicating gel provides early and visible warnings against possible humidity damage. 
If the gel is pink, it has reached its maximum adsorption capacity.

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